Kirikou and the Sorceress

Rating: U

Age: 5+

When the tiny, headstrong Kirikou is ready to be born, he demands: “Mother, bring me into the world” – and, in this wonderfully original animated film, he never loses his hunger for life. Kirikou may be tiny, but he is mighty, and his fellow villagers sing his praises as he helps them fix their problems. When the village is threatened by the evil sorceress Karaba, who has made all the men disappear, it is little Kirikou who is entrusted with the task of putting a stop to her wicked ways. Beautifully animated landscapes and folk songs bring this traditional African tale to life.

Our review:


We showed Kirikou and the Sorceress to our KS2 children; here is what they thought…

“My favourite part was when Kirikou kisses the sorceress and she turns good.” ~ Luvi, Yr3

“I enjoyed the film and I would recommend it to my friends.” ~ Simona, Yr3

“The movie made me feel happy!” ~ Shani, Yr3

“I enjoyed the film because it was beautiful.” ~ Maria Clara, Yr 5

“My favourite part was when they become nice.” ~ Tanisha, Yr 4

“I enjoyed it because it had lots of adventures!” ~ Battista, Yr3

“The film was very interesting.” ~ Zion, Yr3

“The best part was the people dancing.” ~ Zaid, Yr 4

“I enjoyed the film, the best bit was when they married.” ~ Daniella, Yr3

“The film made me feel good.” ~ Yamina, Yr 4

“I liked it when the sorceress became good.” ~ Mariem, Yr2

“I didn’t really like the film.” ~ Kith, Yr 3

“I enjoyed the movie, it made me feel emotional.” ~ Kai, Yr 3

“It made me feel a bit sad.” ~ Elektra, Yr 5

“My favourite part was when he went to see his grandfather.” ~ Sophia, Yr 5

“I give it 5 stars!” ~ William, Yr3

“I would not recommend it to my friends. It was not very exciting.” ~ Amy, Yr 6

“I enjoyed it because it taught us a lesson about another culture.” Ryan, Yr 4

“I liked it when the squirrels gave him gifts!” ~ Iris, Yr 5

“The film was a little weird but interesting.” ~ Chloe, Yr3

“I would definitely recommend it. It made me feel happy.” ~ Emilia, Yr 4

“We give it five stars!” ~ Sacha and Kylan, Yr4

“I liked the film, it was interesting.” ~ Alice

“I give it 4 stars.” ~ Siham, Yr 3

“I enjoyed it because it was unique.” ~ Hermia, Yr 5

“I didn’t like the film very much.” ~ Joey, Yr 3





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