Rating: U

Age: 5+

On a blissful summer’s day, an army of black ants happen upon an abandoned picnic littered with of lots of juicy leftovers, including a big box of sugar cubes. Seizing the box, the army set out to get it back to their hill with the help of a bold little ladybug. Crossing walls, fields, rivers and forest, their biggest challenge comes in the form of a red ant army hungry for the box of sugar themselves. Caught in the crossfire between two warring species, the little ladybird steps up to support the black ants in their bid to save their sugary treasure. A non-dialogue animation, the film is a breathtaking adventure through the smallest aspects of nature as well as a heartwarming and funny tale of friendship and survival.

Our review:


Here is what our KS1 children had to say…

“I liked the ladybird and the ants. The film made me feel happy!” ~ Amirah, Reception

“My favourite character was the lizard.” ~ Lida, Yr 1

“My favourite part was when the ladybird found a home.” ~ Sara, Yr1

“The movie made me feel happy.” ~ Kai, Yr 2

“I enjoyed the film because it was exciting!” ~ Clara, Yr1

“I would recommend it to my friends.” ~ Miranda, Yr1

“I enjoyed the film, it was silly.” ~ Kayia




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