When Marnie Was There

Rating: U

Age: 7+

Anna, a shy and awkward 12-year-old, finds it difficult to fit in, and when her anxiety-related asthma becomes more serious her foster mother sends her away to recover with relatives in the country. Anna befriends a mute boatman who lets her borrow his rowboat to explore her new surroundings. Drawn to a mysterious abandoned mansion on the other side of the marsh, Anna meets a spirited girl her own age called Marnie, and a deep friendship develops.

Our review:


‘When Marnie Was There’ was watched by our KS2 children. The kids very much enjoyed the film, with the majority giving it 5 stars and saying that they would recommend it to their friends.

The movie took the children on a roller coaster of emotions with many expressing that they felt excited, at times sad, and ultimately happy.

Here is what the children had to say…

“The film made me feel emotional.” ~ Joey, Yr 3

“I enjoyed the movie because it was dramatic!” ~ Kai, Yr 3

“I would recommend the film to all my friends.” ~ Siham, Yr 3

“My favourite part was the picnic!” ~ Yamina, Yr 4

“The movie was exciting!” ~ Ethan ,Yr 6

“My favourite part was the twist at the end. I really liked the film! I would definitely recommend it.” ~ Iris, Yr 5

“It was amazing!!” ~ Amauche, Yr 5

“I enjoyed it because it was animation.” ~ Musa, Yr 5

“I give it 5 stars! I would recommend it to my friends.” ~ Battista, Yr 3

“The best part was when she meets Marnie.” ~ Rosa, Yr 3

“It was interesting. It made me feel emotional, sad, tearful. I liked all of it!” ~ Chloe, Yr 3

“It made me feel happy.” Sasha and Kylan, Yr 4

“I enjoyed the film because there was lots of friendship involved.” ~ Reece, Yr 5

“I liked the film!” ~ Olly, Yr 5

“My favourite part was when she went to the haunted asylum.” ~ Alfie, Yr 5

“I liked the part when Marnie had a party.” ~ Elliott, Yr 3

“It was very enjoyable! It made me feel happy but also sad at some points.” ~ Amy, Yr 6

“It was fantastic! I give it 5 stars.” ~ Seret, Yr 4

“I found it really interesting.” ~ Daniella, Yr 3

“I enjoyed the film because it was exciting, but a bit confusing too.” Alice, Yr 4

“My favourite part was when Anna finds out who Marnie is!” ~ Emilia, Yr 4

“It was so imaginative! I liked all of it. It made me feel calm.” ~ Aleisha, Yr 4

“I liked the film and would recommend it to friends.” ~ Khalil, Yr 3

“I enjoyed it because it was like the films in the olden days.” ~ Luvi, Yr 3





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