Rating: U

Age: 5+

Mary Norton’s popular story, The Borrowers, gets the Studio Ghibli treatment, with all the beauty and charm of the studio‚Äôs previous films. Arrietty’s family are Borrowers – tiny people who quietly liberate their human neighbour’s everyday objects and find alternative uses for them. But when Arrietty is discovered by Sho, a human boy, a new friendship blossoms, threatening their peaceful existence. The exquisite animation and lively score combine to create an exciting, fantastical backdrop for this classic story.

Our review:


We showed ‘Arrietty’ to our KS1 children. The film was enjoyed by the children with most awarding 5 stars.

Opinion was varied, with some finding the movie funny and entertaining – whilst others expressed some confusion, sadness, and even fear.

Here is what they had to say…

“My favourite part was when Arrietty saved her Mum.” ~ Charlotte, Yr 2

“I enjoyed it because the little people survived.” ~ Riyah, Yr 2

“The best part was when Arrietty’s Mum escaped.” ~ Roddy, Yr 2

“It made me feel happy, sometimes sad, and excited.” ~ Miranda, Yr 1

“I would recommend the film to my friends! I enjoyed it because the family escapes in the end.” ~ Clara, yr 1

“I enjoyed the film because it was kind of funny.” ~ Marian, Yr 2

“The best bit was when the housekeeper kept fainting as it was funny.” ~ Ren, Yr 1

“I enjoyed the movie because there was lots of adventure!” ~ Emile

“I would recommend the film. i enjoyed the funny parts and my favourite was when Arrietty finds her mother.” ~ Maria, Yr 2

“I did not enjoy the film – it was too sad.” ~ Serena, Yr 5

“I enjoyed it because it was like the Borrowers!” ~ Zahra, yr 2

“I loved the music and the animation. The best part was when the boy sees Arrietty for the first time.” ~ Kai, Yr 3

“It was heart warming! My favourite part was when she gives the boy the clip.” ~ Rily, yr 2

“The film was good but it made me feel sad.” ~ Elektra, Yr 5




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